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When it comes to your hearing and hearing aid, you shouldn’t take any chances.
You should always check to ensure the individual you’re trusting with your hearing health care, has the proper education and training to ensure your full satisfaction.

Leslie Newmeyer has been providing excellent hearing healthcare services in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas for several years.
She provides services associated with evaluation, rehabilitation, hearing aid devices, and prevention of hearing loss.

When a patient tries a hearing aid for the first time or is ready for a new pair, it's Dr. Leslie's job to be sure they get the best hearing they can from their hearing aid.

Dr. Leslie will not be satisfied until the patient is satisfied. Sometimes the first hearing aid choice doesn't give us the best result. A trial window gives us plenty of time to fine tune the hearing aids and access to multiple manufacturers, and it's a simple matter to swap for a different style or brand. This assures the patient is completely satisfied and has hearing aids they wear and hear well with.

When patients choose to only consult with a hearing aid dealer it isn’t uncommon for them to become unsatisfied with their services. Common problems such as, the wrong selection of the hearing aid style and the incorrect programming of the hearing aid can arise when using a hearing aid dealer. These problems usually lead to follow up appointments scheduled by the patient and leaving the patient wishing they had consulted with an Audiologist in the first place.

Other problems that can arise are based around the limited training they hold. Hearing aid dealers are only required to pass an examination and are limited to the testing of hearing exclusively for fitting hearing aids, unlike audiologist that have extensive training and education. A primary focus on sales can also be a problem when consulting with a hearing aid dealer. The patient’s needs and satisfaction can surely be over looked when a dispenser sees them as a dollar sign instead of a patient and these companies can hire individuals with mediocre training when the focus falls predominantly on sales.

Seeing an Audiologist instead of a hearing aid dealer offers a vast variety of benefits for you and your hearing needs. Audiologists are qualified and trained to identify a wide variety of medical conditions of the ear, hearing and balance systems and can provide any necessary medical referrals. They are trained in anatomy and physiology, all types of hearing aid devices, and hearing rehabilitation. Audiologist must complete a minimum of an undergraduate degree and doctoral level degree in audiology which also includes gaining their licenses and certifications. In other words, an Audiologist has widespread training in the diagnosis, fitting and adjustment of hearing aids which allows them to ensure a precise diagnosis, a proper treatment plan of intervention, and a positive outcome from the hearing aid leaving you feeling stress free. They can answer any questions you may have and offer information a hearing aid dealer could not. Their focus is always the patient and creating a positive solution for their problems, never the sales.


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