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I understand that many of you have concerns about COVID19, so I wanted to let you know that I am taking all necessary safety precautions as recommended to protect my clients as well as employees during this uncertain time. There are many steps we have in place to limit close interactions while still serving our clients. We are open and available for repairs, cleaning, consultations, sales, battery replacement and supplies. I can take care of you while you wait, or you can simply drop off your device. Please call ahead 904-342-5217 or e-mail [email protected] to let us know when you will be by and I will gladly come to your car to assist you. Through it all, please support small business whenever possible.


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When it comes to your hearing and hearing aid you shouldn’t take any chances. You should always check to ensure the individual you’re trusting with your hearing health care has the proper education and training to ensure your full satisfaction.

Leslie Newmeyer has been working to provide excellent hearing healthcare services in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas since 2011, after relocating from Atlanta, Ga. Dr. Leslie provides services associated with evaluation, rehabilitation, hearing aid devices, and prevention of hearing loss.

Dr. Leslie Newmeyer understands that hearing is a vital sense and plays a substantial role in the everyday life of an individual. She also understands that hearing loss affects everyone differently and uniquely which is why she has set out to provide all her patients with the best possible hearing care she can provide based on each of their individual wants and needs. Dr. Leslie Newmeyer has the knowledge and technology needed to guide you to a hearing aid that will perfectly fit your needs and lifestyle.


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