"Hear for The Holidays" Essay Contest

Do you know someone who struggles to hear and communicate? Is there someone in your life who would benefit from improved hearing? The Florida Newsline and their publication The Creekline and the Mandarin Newsline are excited to partner with JAX Audiology & Hearing Aid Center to offer an opportunity for one of our readers to receive a pair of Oticon Hearing Aids free of charge for our Hear For The Holidays essay contest!

We're looking for an individual who always puts everyone else first, serves their community and family with a giving heart, loves to stay involved and interact, but struggles or is beginning to withdraw because of hearing loss.

The holidays can be a challenging time for people with hearing loss as they gather with family and friends for their yearly celebrations. Hearing loss can negatively impact the enjoyment of "catching up" whether in a large group or one-on-one conversations. This season, give a deserving person the gift of hearing with the Hear for the Holidays promotion.

Please submit an essay describing the person you think best personifies the seasons' giving spirit and a winner will be selected from the entries received. Show them that you appreciate everything they do for others and give them the gift of Hearing for the Holidays.

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